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Meet The Team
Brian Meara
Brian Meara is the Co-founder of the #1 selling system in the market teaching both Realtors and Investors how to properly work and profit from short sales, Flip Free Profits. He is a Nationwide speaker, frequent radio guest & co-author having been featured on ABC News Radio, Real Estate Realty Radio,, Barnes & Noble, The Philadelphia Inquirer, iTunes as well as YouTube. He is the CEO and Founder of The Investor Entourage, an elite real estate education company for mentoring investors nationwide. Co-Founder and CEO of a nationwide information technology staffing and consulting firm. He has closed and worked with thousands of deals that span the entire nation and is one of the nation's top real estate investors and educators in his niche. He is still active today, consistently closing deals of various natures and sizes across the nation while he never sees the houses that he buys, nor does he meet the sellers or ever talks to the banks - but our seasoned negotiators do. He lives in the mountains of Northern Italy one month every quarter or 25% of the year…..a completely “virtual” operation!!!
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson is an attorney and a recognized thought leader and innovator in the field of real estate investing, asset protection, wealth building and self directed retirement account transactions. From 2010 to present Jeff has led the Distressed Property Coalition; a Washington DC lobbying effort in bringing about several changes in government regulation of distressed property purchases and re-sales. The results being the new Standard National Short Sale Policy instituted by FHFA, effective Nov. 1st 2012 is due in part to the DPC and Jeff's efforts. This means that Jeff and the DPC just changed the rules; for the better, on how investors and others buy and sell real estate. He is co-founder of the internationally known real estate investing software power house, Realeflow LLC featured in 2011 INC 500 with an astonishing growth rate of 823% in one (1) year. He is the Author or Co-Author of 5 popular books on real estate investing including, "Short Sales Done Right - How to Profitably and Legally Navigate the Short Sale Jungle". Jeff is general counsel to the National Real Estate Investors Association and advises four different national organizations with a combined membership of over 100,000 investors.
John Gannitto
John Gannitto is a former licensed California Real Estate & Mortgage Broker and is currently a Private & Hard Money Broker ( He is also an accomplished real estate investor having completed his first transaction at the age of 17. Since then and for him (now 62), real estate (investing, owning, turning) is, and continues to be a passion. He is the founder and CEO of Lion's Wing REI, LLC focusing on and fix 'n flips, foreclosures & multi-family & mixed use projects returning an average 8% - 15% cash on cash to other investor partners depending on each project. His knowledge of mortgages, personal credit issues and remedies are helpful for individuals facing a foreclosure or short sale. He is a graduate of Ward Hannigan's (revered as one of the foremost foreclosure experts in the nation) Foreclosure Workshop (2002) and has implemented many of the strategies learned from that workshop in acquiring foreclosed or pre-foreclosed properties over the years. Working with Short Sales Specialists, he provides much of the marketing to realtors and serves as the contact point for the team.
In addition, our team consists of 10 - 12 seasoned negotiators at any point in time across the nation so you NEVER have to talk to the banks or deal with their BPO agents. Our negotiators handles all of this for you at NO CHARGE TO YOU!!!
• Take the misery out of Short Sales by working with us, Short Sales
  Specialists, and forget about the possible headaches . . . plus get paid.

• We have a 95% success rate of closing vs. the industry average of just
  37% - doesn't it make financial sense to work with us?

• When you work with us, you will
NEVER talk to the banks AND we will
touch your commission.
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Short Sales Specialists - We have a 95% success rate of closing vs. the industry average of just 37% - doesn't it make financial sense to work with us?
Short Sales Specialists - We have a 95% success rate of closing vs. the industry average of just 37% - doesn't it make financial sense to work with us?
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